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The Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission website is the perfect way for you to find out about our amazing region, learn about what it can offer and how important it is to the economy of both the State of Western Australia and the whole nation.

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Royalties for Regions - New Funding available from 31 October 2014

The Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission is seeking applications for the 2014-15 Regional Regional Grants Scheme  and Community Chest Fund.

Both programs are for community, public and not-for-profit organisations to improve and develop infrastructure and services in the region.

More information on the programs, guidelines and application forms is available on our Royalties for Regions page. 

Latest news

  • Comments invited on Economic Strategy


    The Draft Esperance Region Economic Development Strategy has been released for public comment.
    The strategy is a SuperTowns funded project that will guide the future development of the Esperance region, and ensure future opportunities are practical, cost-effective and supported by private investors and public agencies. It identifies priorities for the region and focuses on how to create a positive investment environment. The Goldfields Esperance Development Commission is project manager for the strategy on behalf of the the Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Shires of Esperance, Dundas and Ravensthorpe.

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  • Study sheds light on housing in the Goldfields-Esperance Region


    The housing needs of the Goldfields-Esperance have been investigated as part of a region-wide housing study to help decision makers plan for changing households and future population. The Goldfields-Esperance study was undertaken by the Department of Housing in partnership with the Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission (GEDC) and Landcorp. 

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  • New funding opportunities for Goldfields-Esperance Region


    A new round of funding under the Goldfields-Esperance Regional Grants Scheme opened today. Minister for Regional Development Terry Redman announced that  $1.1M of Royalties for Regions funding had been allocated to each Regional Development Commmission for initiatives aiming to improve economic and community infrastructure and services. In addition a new Community Chest Fund will assist the community with smaller projects with a $370,000 allocation.

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