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Shire of Dundas

The Horse NorsemanNorseman, the major town for the Shire of Dundas, marks the beginning of the iconic Eyre Highway,  linking Western Australia with the Eastern States of Australia. The Shire also includes the towns of Balladonia and Eucla, as well as smaller communities dotted across the Nullarbor Plain.

As a major gateway to Western Australia and the Goldfields-Esperance region, Norseman supports an evergrowing tourism industry and a strong mining industry. Sitting on an ancient geological plate containing a variety of minerals including exceptionally rich gold deposits, the town has a vibrant mining history and boasts the longest running mining operation in Australia. The Dundas Shire is situated in the world's largest  temperate woodlands.

Norseman is well served by a range of local businesses, facilities and a strong community spirit. The education, health and recreational needs of the community are well catered for, and the lifestyle is relaxed and easy going.
Norseman camels
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88–92 Prinsep Street, Norseman
Ph: +61 8 9039 1205
Fax: +61 8 9039 1359