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Shire of Esperance

If you love beaches and the outdoors, the natural beauty of the Shire of Esperance beach
Esperance is unrivalled. Featuring magnificent coastal and island scenery, a holiday atmosphere and all facilities for a great lifestyle, Esperance and surrounding towns make the sea change dream a reality.

Employment and business opportunities are excellent, with a local population of over 14,000 supported by a wide variety of industry, from agriculture to tree farming, fishing, general business and tourism. The Port of Esperance is an industry in itself. Developed in the 1890s to export gold, it is now the deepest port in Southern Australia, exporting iron ore, nickel concentrates, handling bulk imports, and its also a major grain-exporting hub.

Esperance is known for its active arts scene, great shopping, cafés and restaurants, plus a wide range of outdoor and sporting activities. Outstanding community facilities combined with a unique semi-rural lifestyle, and an unspoiled coastal environment, make Esperance a popular choice when seeking the perfect balance between family, work and play.

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