The Breakways

Shire of Leonora

The Shire of Leonora is a charming blend of the past and present. The town Leonora Golden Gift
of Leonora features a number of historic buildings restored to their former glory through a major streetscape project, and continues to thrive as a service centre for the local mining and pastoral industries. Just out of Leonora is the historic town of Gwalia, preserved in recognition of the Region's mining ancestors. Also in the Shire is the much younger town of Leinster, established in 1976 to support the local nickel industry.

The Shire of Leonora is home to both a high-tech mining industry and a truly outback lifestyle. The area is rich in mineral resources and supported by a number of nickel and gold mining operations. Pastoral stations in the area carry sheep for meat and wool markets. 

The landscape is a reminder of Australia's ancient past, vast blue skies and unique flora and fauna. The landscape is a carpet of wildflowers after heavy rainfall events.

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