Grants and Funding

Grants and Funding

Royalties for Regions underpins the State Government's long-term commitment to developing Western Australia's regional areas into strong and vibrant regional communities that are desirable places to live, work and invest.

The Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission is committed to supporting and promoting economic and social activity in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia.

The community is encouraged to contact the GEDC about funding opportunities and project information via emailing or calling (08) 9080 5000.

The Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission administers two funding programs, the Regional Grants Scheme and the Community Chest Fund, made possible by Royalties for Regions. The Goldfield-Esperance Regional Grants Scheme has contributed over $13.82 M to the region since 2008. The Goldfields-Esperance Community Chest Fund has contributed over $1.4 M in small grants to the community since 2015.

Royalties for Regions has also underpinned a number of major State Government investments in the region through the Goldfields Revitalisation Fund.