Regional Grants Scheme

Regional Grants Scheme

The Regional Grants Scheme seeks to improve economic and community infrastructure and services in regional Western Australia by helping to help attract investment, increase job opportunities and assist in improving the quality of life in the regions.

The RGS is a contestable funding round with grants available from $50 001 to $300 000.

For the 2017 Goldfields-Esperance Regional Grants Scheme (GERGS), six organisations were successful in accessing $1.021m funds in the 2017 Round, which closed in September 2017. The successful applicants were announced on 27 January 2017.
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2016 - Ten organisations were successful in accessing $1.6m funds in the 2016 Round,
which closed in March 2016. The successful applicants were announced on 27 July 2016.
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For more information on the Goldfields-Esperance Regional Grants Scheme, please email