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Education  and Training

Contributing to the achievement of quality, inclusive education and training opportunities that engage the community and  strengthen employment participation is a major role of the GEDC.   We actively facilitate and support  various initiatives and projects,  take an active role in research, and provide review and comment on education policy and strategy for the region.
Eastern Goldfields College
Partnerships and consultation with stakeholders are critical factors in the role of the GEDC in education and training. Effective partnerships and initiatives established in the Goldfields-Esperance region  include the following:

  • The recently released Growing Kalgoorlie-Boulder Growth Plan, a City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder (CKB) - GEDC partnership which presents "Build the knowledge economy" as one of seven key focus areas will see the GEDC and CKB collaborate with other stakeholders to achieve the education and training actions.

  • The Goldfields-Esperance Workforce Development Alliance (GEWDA) group which developed and implemented the  Goldfields-Esperance-Workforce-Development-Plan-2013-2016 (the Plan). Much of the work of the Plan is still relevant with priority actions either completed or retired, embedded in the activities of lead agencies with responsibility for implementing them; or achieved by alternative, more appropriate strategies. 

  • The Goldfields-Esperance  Education Tertiary Industry Alliance (GETEA)  was established for the purpose of,  but not limited to, facilitating equitable and relevant higher education options for regional students, including suitable accommodation. In 2015 the GEDC commissioned Carpe Diem to provide a comprehensive feasibility study for a Regional Universities Centre for the Goldfields-Esperance region. This study was completed in 2015, and reviewed in 2016, identifying existing and latent tertiary demand and an appropriate service delivery model.

  • The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KBCCI)  Education Directions sub-committee includes representatives of secondary and tertiary institutions of the region, industry and other agencies such as the GEDC. With input from all levels of education, community and industry, an Education Charter has been developed which commits partners to support ‘learning for life’ by promoting, encouraging, and enabling continuous engagement in education, training and research.
    Boys and Girls in Mining

  • The Goldfields Education Mining Industry Alliance Inc (GEMIA) links the mining, education, government and community sectors to deliver programs and events that builds science and mathematics  knowledge, aspirations, and employment in the region. The GEDC was a a founding member of this enduring and effective organisation.