Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison (EGRP) Redevelopment

The GEDC’s  role is to cooperate with various agencies in the identification and delivery of regional infrastructure.  In this regard the GEDC has played a lead role in bringing together regional stakeholders to discuss and plan for the community and industry impacts that are expected to flow from the new prison development.


  • This $232 million EGRP project,  was the joint responsibility of the Department of Corrective Services (DCS) and the Department of Treasury. The prison was designed, constructed, financed and maintained by the private sector via the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Design, Build, Finance and Maintain (DBFM) procurement model.

  • All custodial operations and services will remain with DCS.

  • A contract was signed with successful bidder Assure partners consortium in December 2012.

  • The prison was  designed and built by consortium members John Holland Pty Ltd and Pindan Contracting Pty Ltd Joint Venture, with Cox Howlett and Bailey Woodland as project architects.

About the new prison

View of the planned redevelopment
  • The existing 100 bed EGRP has been replaced with a modern 350-bed prison.

  • It is built on land adjacent to the existing facility. The new facility will enable more prisoners to be accommodated closer to their families and communities.

  • The multi-security-level prison will accommodate both genders in a mixture of traditional cell blocks and cottage type accommodation.


  • Construction works commenced August 2013.

  • New prison began receiving prisoners in August 2016..

 Local Benefits                                                                                       

  • The construction workforce, including sub-contractors, comprised  200 people at its peak with as many workers sourced locally as possible.

  • The GEDC's regional economic impact modelling, REMPLAN, has shown that the final permanent employment of around 220 people (there are currently 70 people employed) offers significant economic flow on impacts for industries such as Retail, Accommodation and Food Services, Education and Training, Health Care and Social Services, Transport, Postal and Warehousing and many other sectors, which could gain an extra 69 positions and generate d demand for regional goods and services of up to $25m. GEDC Remplan has been accessed by the EGRP to assist with planning and implementing the expansion project.

  • DCS will also work closely wih local community service providers to assess the additional resourcing required to service the much larger prison population.