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Climate Resilience Forum explores hot topics

Climate Resilience Forum explores hot topics

Recent Climate Resilience Forum explores hot topics for Western Australian future

The GEDC, along with 45 other agencies including other Regional Development Commissions, joined 275 attendees at the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) ‘Climate Resilient WA Forum’ in Perth on 30 May 2023. Hosted by the Climate Science Initiative and Climate Change Adaptation team, this event was informative, collaborative and inspiring. 33 speakers led conversations on diverse topics that included; Empowering Aboriginal-led climate adaptation action, best practice for successful co-design, knowledge brokering and engagement; What climate change predictions and global trends really mean for Western Australia; and Climate adaptation financial considerations, climate risks and opportunities. Breakout sessions drilled down into these and other topics. 

The Western Australian Climate Policy was launched by the State Government in December 2022. This document sets the scene for a climate-resilient community and a prosperous low-carbon future, targeting zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. As understandings of the impacts of climate change strengthen, significant momentum is building across sectors to understand the challenges and an opportunity in adapting to climate change for all Western Australians.

For the Goldfields-Esperance Region see the GVROC Regional Climate Alliance website


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