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GE Regional Climate Alliance studies released

GE Regional Climate Alliance studies released

Two important Goldfields-Esperance Regional Climate Alliance studies have recently been released, and are now available for pub...

The Goldfields Voluntary Regional Organisation of Councils (GVROC) collaborates with GEDC, RDAGE and others to lead and support communities to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change through the GVROC Regional Climate Alliance. 

Two important studies commissioned last year have recently been released, the Goldfields Esperance Regional Climate Alliance Net Zero Emissions Baseline Study and the 2022 Renewable Energy Projects Audit. GEDC partnered in the development of these valuable resources that will inform strategies and collaborations to help mitigate climate change impacts across industry, community and for other organisations and stakeholders. Executive Summaries and further information can be found through the GVROC Regional Climate Alliance website https://www.gvroc.com/programs


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