MAS Equipment Unveils Cobot

MAS Equipment Unveils Cobot

MAS Equipment unveiled their new collaborative welding robot (Cobot) this week, with a demonstration of the new high-tech equipment for the Minister for Regional Development, Hon Don Punch MLA.   

The project was supported by a $85,000 Regional Economic Development (RED) grant for the new ‘Cobot’ which will increase the business’s capacity to service the mining industry in the Goldfields, while minimising overall downtime and increasing safety and productivity. The Cobot performs manufacturing, strenuous maintenance and repair tasks, increasing the businesses’ capacity to service local mining industry.

Regional Development Minister Don Punch said, "The ‘Cobot’ project will bring broad benefits to MAS Equipment’s clients as well as the Goldfields mining industry, through the introduction of automated manufacturing.
“The collaborative robot welding assistant will increase quality, productivity and develop a skilled local workforce for the future.”

Round 7 of the program is due to open later this month. Local businesses or organisations with project proposals are encouraged to contact the Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission (GEDC) on 08 9080 5000 or at

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