Our Commission

Our Commission

Welcome to the Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission

The Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission (GEDC) is a West Australian Government agency committed to encouraging and promoting economic and social activity in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia. The GEDC is one of nine Regional Development Commissions, which were established under the Regional Development Commissions Act (1993).

Our Vision for the Region

The Goldfields-Esperance region is economically and culturally diverse with vibrant communities and a prosperous future.

Our Purpose

To facilitate economic and social development in the region.

Objectives of a Development Commission

  1.  Maximise job creation and improve career opportunities in the Region;
  2.  Develop and broaden the economic base of the Region;
  3.  Identify infrastructure services to promote business development within the Region;
  4.  Provide information and advice to promote business development within the Region;
  5.  Seek to ensure that the general standard of government services and access to those services in the Region is comparable to that which applies in the  metropolitan area;
  6.  Generally take steps to encourage, promote, facilitate and monitor the economic development in the Region.