Community Chest Fund

Community Chest Fund

The Community Chest Fund provides one-off grants of up to and including $50 000 to support small, locally driven community projects and events.

The Community Chest Fund (CCF) is a Royalties for Regions contestable funding round administered by the Commission with grants available up to $50,000.

There is currently no funding available under the CCF.  

Successful applicants for the 2017 round of the Goldfields-Esperance Community Chest funding (CCF), which closed in September 2016, were announced on 27 January 2017. Sixteen organisations were successful in accessing more than $500 thousand in funding to towards locally driven projects.


Round 2016 - Successful applicants for Round 2016 of the Community Chest funding,
which closed in March 2016, were announced on 27 July 2016. 23 organisations were
successful in accessing half a million dollars for local projects.
VIEW the 2016 Successful applicants
Round 2015 - 21 organisations were successful in receiving funds in the first
Community Chest Round 
VIEW the 2015 successful applicants


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