Northern Native Seed Industry Development Initiative

Northern Native Seed Industry Development Initiative (NNSIDI)

Biodiversity is essential for healthy country

It brings with it living soils, vital habitats, food, and natural beauty.
Now is the time to invest in preserving and improving biodiversity throughout Western Australia.

The Northern Native Seed Industry Development Initiative (NNSIDI) will support the creation of new and innovative seed production enterprises throughout the Pilbara, Goldfields Esperance, and the Kimberley. The native seed industry has potential to be a viable alternative to the current practice of wild harvesting.
Mining companies require vast quantities of native seed to meet their post-closure revegetation obligations and their demand for native seed is outstripping supply. As a result, remnant plant communities are coming under increasing pressure. Seed Production Areas (SPAs) can play a role in meeting this shortfall and boost economic development throughout regional Western Australia.

Seed Production Area (SPA) Trial Sites

Supported by funding of $4.4 million through the NNSIDI, Seed Production Area trial sites are to be established across the three regions. These sites will inform future design, provide training and build long-term business capacity. A key aim for the NNSIDI is to increase business opportunities for Aboriginal organisations. The project would prioritise Aboriginal operated SPAs established on country.


  • To develop native seed production trial sites across the Pilbara, Kimberley and Goldfields-Esperance
  • Create sustainable jobs and businesses for Traditional Owner groups
  • Build the foundations for a large-scale seed supply industry
  • Support complimentary business opportunities around native seed production (distribution, marketing, supply chains, training and education)
  • Identify business opportunities beyond the resource sector (wholesale, retail, bush food and medicine, tourism, cut flowers, urban revegetation projects)
Want to know more?
Please contact Nigel Bird at the Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission on 0448 023 781 or email for more information and check this web-page for updates.

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