Regional Focus Areas

Regional Focus Areas

With the aim of creating an even greater place to live, work, invest and visit, the Commission has identified six regional focus areas to guide the delivery of services.

Leadership and Innovation
The GEDC is well placed to collaborate with stakeholders to enhance advocacy and leadership within, and on behalf of, the region and to optimise the capture of new and innovative solutions, investment and opportunities, that drive economic and social development.

Business and Industry Development
There is a clear remit for the GEDC to facilitate business and industry development in the Goldfields-Esperance region and the agency will collaborate with business and industry stakeholders to seek to improve local employment opportunities and economic growth.

Workforce Development
Workforce development is an economic and social enabler, underpinning economic growth and the development of capable people. The GEDC will play an advocacy role to sustain a focus on regional workforce development and support stakeholders to deliver these services.

Promote the Region
The Goldfields-Esperance region is vast, diverse and unique – there is a good deal to celebrate and share with Australia and the world. A core focus for the GEDC will be to promote the people and culture of regional communities, and the many investment opportunities for business and industry within the region.

Social Infrastructure
Investment in social infrastructure – assets, services and relationships -  is a long-term investment in the future of our communities. Social infrastructure is more than built community assets – the GEDC will engage with community stakeholders to support a focus on the social and collaborative processes that make regional communities great places to live and work.

Economic Infrastructure
Physical infrastructure plays a key role in enabling economic and social development within regional communities. The State’s regional economic drivers such as resources and agriculture rely on the provision of timely infrastructure to manufacture and deliver products and services whilst infrastructure is essential for people living, working and visiting the region. During this plan period, the GEDC will engage with stakeholders on four infrastructure focus areas to advocate and facilitate the development of infrastructure that underpins economic and social development.