Work in the Goldfields-Esperance Region


The Goldfields-Esperance region has played a significant role in the development of Western Australia and the nation for more than a century.

To this day, the region continues to contribute significantly to the export income and taxation receipts of the State, and generates over 32,605 jobs in mining, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, transport, retail, education, health, community and administrative services, the emerging arts and creative and industries, and other sectors.

A Globally Significant Mining Region

The mining sector is critical for the Goldfields. Gold and nickel mining operations define the Goldfields region and provide the foundation for many of its settlements. The exploration, extraction and processing of these resources through well-established supply links continue to underpin the prosperity of the region.


Large agriculture sector

The Goldfields-Esperance region also has a rich history in agricultural and pastoral activities and a noteable recreational and fishing industry. Southern parts of the region, including the Shires of Esperance and Ravensthorpe, contains its most valuable agriculture and fishing areas where the majority of the regions livestock and cropping occurs.

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